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Back of the Napkin December 13, 2009

Posted by raimundosilvam in Back of the Napkin.

By the cover, I expected this to be the best book ever. To know how to solve problems and sell ideas with pictures is one of the skills everybody would like to have. The book was interesting but I believe there are much better books on this topic, such as “sketching user experiences”.

My professional experience in Investment Banking and Consulting taught me the importance of being able to communicate the ideas in an easy and simple way. Hence, i did not hesitate to choose this book when I saw the cover. However, in spite of the fact that the book gives many tools to improve the way we communicate our ideas, the truth is that the framework is not sufficient to gain confidence to communicate/think with pictures. This is something that came up several times in the class (it is not a critic to the class but to the book instead). Now that I know the theory, how can I start thinking and communicating with drawings/pictures?. I would improve the book by including a sketchbook where the reader can do several exercises as he reads. I do believe on the importance of being able to communicate with picture, however practice, practice and practice, seems to be much more important that theory in this case.

Bottom line: The book is a good theoretical approach that has to be combined with practical experience. The book itself is not sufficient to train the drawing skill.



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