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A Whole New Mind December 12, 2009

Posted by Pau Min Wong in A Whole New Mind, [Books] Ways of Thinking.

In the past, I have always envied people with a creative knack, especially those who are able to make a living with their creative and artistic abilities. I envied them because I’ve found them to be true to themselves, have the tenacity to stand firm on their interest and pursue a rewarding career doing what they enjoy most. It must be that they enjoy doing what they do because otherwise, they would have succumbed to the left minded social pressures of the 21st
century. Reading this book gave me the startling realization that “right” minded people, once seen as the social outcast, will eventually be powering the next wave of economic transformation.

To those who are like me, a typical “left” brainard MBA, this book is definitely a good source of information for ways to improve “right” brain thinking. I do strongly believe that with diligent practice, every ability can be attained and improved over time. As Malcolm Gladwell identified in his book Outliers, successful people were great at what they do simply because they were given a headstart, an opportunity to clock up massive hours of practice and training ahead of everyone else, not because they were born great.

So, it’s about time for us to start putting our “right” minds to work – “right” brain gym time! Design threadmill, Storytelling benchpress, Symphony abcrunch, Empathy dumbbells, Play rowers and Meaning ellipticals…bring them on!



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