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As the Future Catches You December 11, 2009

Posted by Deval Delivala in Uncategorized.

The text is well formatted with different font sizes for emphasis- almost like an eye examination. And it does just that, by the end of the book you end up viewing things differently. You start thinking about what will be the one technology that can revolutionize everything we do.

“The skin and pulp of the orange that sits on your desk… Is just packaging… What matters is the code contained in the seeds. Each seed has a long string of gene data that looks like”.

Seeing the world in the pre genome and post genome era when most of what we read in innovation and through cases is pre and post Microsoft and Apple. Though both have been great innovations have they changed the lives of people world over? He boldly states that the world’s mega mergers will be in genetics and code and the idea that we make money by primarily manipulating neurons. Though at times the book dives into the deeper discussions of science and genes, he ties it with what can be done, what should be done and more importantly what is not being done.

“People with knowledge and talent have a global passport and their citizenship is now a market”

The points about the divide between rich and the poor, the convergence of knowledge around certain zip codes, the emergence of countries like Singapore, South Korea are well mixed with discussions around building knowledge citizens. Using the history of countries to draw parallels between those that were great and where they are now is a very good way to drive home the point of knowledge citizens.

He states that Europe will not succeed as a nation as they do not allow genetically modified seeds and foods. Not that its wrong but it’s a one sided view and forgets the fact that GM seeds are not completely harm-free. Companies like Monsanto are producing seeds that can be used only once and usurping any profit that the farmer would make through higher yield. The effects of these seeds even if they are approved are not completely proven. Modifying foods/meat through the use of genetics can have some side effects which can only be studied in over a long period of time.

Will too much power lie with the country/company/group discovers the most effective way to use genetic technology for medicine, food etc? Will the country that masters this become the next super power?



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