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The Ten Faces of Innovation December 9, 2009

Posted by roshanbhula in [Books] Leadership & Change.

The Ten Faces of Innovation, by Tom Kelley, is intended to show how certain personas, or types of people, are able to drive innovation through an organization.  By using real world examples from his work at IDEO, Kelley outlines how these people think and approach problems.  Examples of his personas include:

  • The Anthropologist – who studies human behavior to find insights into what people want or how they feel in different situations
  • The Set Designer – who understands space planning and how creative places yield creative outcomes
  • The Caregiver – who wants to make people’s lives easier and has a keen eye for customer experience and service

Through these roles and seven others, the book shows that everyone can play these roles at various times, but that some people are naturally more suited to certain roles than others.  As an organization, it is important to have these people around and that cross-functional teams with as many varieties of these roles as possible is the ideal way to discover truly new ideas and breakthroughs.

As we enter back into the workforce, this book really makes you think about how we can influence our companies through the roles we play and approach we take to remove the barriers to innovation.



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