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99% of all presentations suck… December 9, 2009

Posted by roshanbhula in Slide:ology, Uncategorized.

…says Guy Kawasaki.  And he’s right.  The first step in getting into the 1% is to read Slide:ology.  It will make your presentations more effective by making you think through simple design techniques. My five favorite takeaways:

  1. Don’t start with Powerpoint. Use white-boards or pen & paper to map out ideas and storyboard the presentation.  Sitting at a computer leads to outlines and bullets, rather than stepping back and framing the whole story effectively.
  2. Crowding a slide is lazy – avoid creating ‘slide-uments’ that say nothing by trying to say too much.
  3. Data slides shouldn’t overload the audience with numbers or charts. Think about what is most important, what you want people to remember. Can you make an emotional attachment to the data that makes it more compelling?
  4. Think like a designer.  White (negative) space, fonts, consistent color schemes, and the layout of images and text on the slide all convey certain things.
  5. Strive for a consistent look for images and avoid clichés (such as two hands shaking in front of a globe or my personal favorite, an iceberg as a metaphor for diversity).


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