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Can we become great design thinkers? December 7, 2009

Posted by Ignacio Larrain in Design Thinking.

I really liked this reading. Short, clear and straight to the point. It is a great way to introduce us to the world of design thinking.

What stood the most for me in this reading is the Design Thinker’s Personality Profile that Tim Brown proposes, and how he points out that many people outside professional design have a natural aptitude for design thinking. Why it stood out? Because this means we still have the chance to think as designers and apply best practices in our own fields. The profile mentions the following characteristics to look for in design thinkers: empathy, integrative thinking, optimism, experimentalism and collaboration. Empathy to imagine the world in different perspectives. Integrative thinking to see all the aspects of a problem and come up with great innovations. Optimism to assume that there is always better alternatives than the current ones. Experimentalism to move from small incremental steps to breakthrough innovations. Collaboration to replace the myth of the lone creative genius with the enthusiastic interdisciplinary collaborator.

What encourages me is that all these characteristics do not seem too difficult to assimilate. Probably it will take time and practice but with the correct amount of effort we can for sure be able to forge ourselves into better design thinkers. And to start already working along that path, I will bring up my optimism and say I truly believe that we will all become great design thinkers at the end of this semester.


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