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A Whole New Mind (ok, really just a whole new right-brained mind) December 7, 2009

Posted by Muckzak in A Whole New Mind.

Perhaps I’m just cynical…  I never thought myself to be quite so dismissive but this is the second book in this class that induced multiple eye-rolls…  My mother would probably have smacked me if she saw my utter disrespect during a few moments of mental sparring with Mr. Pink. 

This book has been on my bookshelf for a couple of years.  The premise really appeals to me – holistic approach to thinking and living.  Count me in. 

Unless by counting me in, you actually mean that my mere existence is inferior.  I may have a problem with that assumption…

Daniel Pink sets out to convince us that it is no longer sufficient to only rely on pure analytical core competencies.  I can agree with that… however, he continues to diminish the importance of sound technical quantitative competencies IN FAVOR of creative and design thinking approaches.  In fact, he touts GM as progressively understanding that they’re in the ART BUSINESS.  (mind you, the book was published in 2005).  As a taxpayer, I’m offended. 

There were some good ideas in A Whole New Mind but I embraced them within my own mental model.  Primarily, I thought thinking through the implications of Asia, Abundance and Automation was a useful excercise.  I also thought its presentation of Design’s importance was compelling.  However, the book tries to preach its beliefs on all aspects of a person’s life.  That would imply that said person’s life (mine as an example), currently, is missing the mark.  Is this book the key to enlightenment?

(insert eye-roll)



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