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Is it possible to change the way you think? December 6, 2009

Posted by Alison Zander in The Art of Possibility.

I was drawn to reading The Art of Possibility due to the last name of the authors (unfortunately no relation).  This was a great book that highlighted how positive thinking can impact how we approach our daily lives.  Benjamin Zander, one of the authors, is a composer in real life.  The book contained many stories at of how to practice the principles they outlined within the context of music.  I found this very easy to relate to.  I am from a musical family, and spent much of my youth at a piano or sitting behind a music stand trying my hardest to keep my first chair.  This book teaches that you have to practice in order to get better at something – which I totally agree with, but never thought about in the context of how I am framing my life.

Although some of the ideas in the book are a bit lofty in terms of viewing the world in a true glass half full mentality, it did make me think about if I was putting a positive framework to my life.  I have always said that I want a career I can be passionate about, but I have struggled to know how to define my passions.  I think this book outlined that if you don’t practice being positive, it is difficult to realize the full potential of each day.  Again a bit soft for my liking (I usually use an analytical approach), but I think this book will be one that I revisit when I need encouragement if I am having a bad day or difficulty in my professional life.  Maybe this class is changing the way I think (for the better!)….



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