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Revenge of the Right (not that Right) December 1, 2009

Posted by milimittal in A Whole New Mind.

Daniel Pink writes music to my ear.  As an R-directed thinker, I have forced myself to the confines of the L-directed corporate world for a few years, and came to the most R-inspiring MBA program I could find.  Pink tells me that my time has come to rule the world!  Finally.  (kidding; I don’t want to rule the world – that would take way too much time).

In all seriousness, A Whole New Mind is a well packaged version of many of the things we’ve learned in Design Thinking.  Pink makes the case that three global trends (abundance, Asia, and automation) have converged to make R-directed thinking more critical to our society. As left-brain work becomes outsourced and automated, and people focus more on meaning than on utility, the need for Rs in our businesses, government, and lives becomes urgent.

Pink goes on to discuss what he dubs ‘the six senses,’ which, in some way, echo the tools and themes we’ve learned practiced in this course: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, Meaning.

Design – well, we’ve clearly explored design thinking, presentation design, and design work in our journals.  Story – we’ve seen and practiced in our improvisation session and in our ethnographic work.  Symphony (aka, the ability to synthesize rather than analyze) – this we have seen in systems thinking and also have practiced in our synthensizing post-it exercises.  Empathy – this we also practiced in our improvisation (“Yes, and”) and in our ethnographic work.  Play  –  this is the spirit of the class.  Meaning – the whole basis of this class is to think about something that has meaning – the ways we think, self-awareness and outer-awareness of the world.

I’ve gone over the ‘short blog-post rule’ so I end here.  I highly recommend this book – it’s a nicely packaged version much of what we’ve learned/explored.



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