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Poverty gap is growing FAST September 30, 2009

Posted by Hernan Haro in As The Future Catches You.

After reading As the Future Catches You my concern about the poverty gap became stronger than ever. Countries that are poor, and survive mostly thanks to their natural resources can no longer rely on that. The fact that Holland is the greatest flower exporter is a great example of how the world has changed.

I was borne and raised in a country with vast extensions of rich land, when you just have to drop a seed anywhere in the country side… and a plant or a tree will grow. That helped us in the past to be a wealthy society but also hid the need to master technology.

The science-genomics-technology revolution is – and will keep – producing the devaluation, and maybe disappearance, of most low knowledge intensive jobs. Those who don’t know how to add real value in this era will find HARD to get a new job… becoming poorer and with less access to education. All that will prevent them from providing good education (technology / science) to their children, who will find really hard to break that vicious circle…


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