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Human Centered Discovery September 30, 2009

Posted by Alison Zander in Design Thinking.

Innovations that are found using design thinking can be small innovations, but can have a large impact.  I think this shows that design thinking isn’t just for large innovations, but more focused on human-centered discovery.  This can result in varying sizes of innovation, but the impacts can be meaningful.  It was also interesting to think about the design process as a system of spaces.  Many times we approach problems or innovation in a systematic way where one step follows the next.  Although I would find the space approach frustrating at first, the results that can be achieved outweighs that frustration.

I think this article also spoke about the importance of getting outside perspective.  The way we approach problems and innovation is shaped by the information we have and our perspective on the situation.  Understanding that this is a constraint on innovation and being open to the design thinking approach can foster successful innovation that may not have otherwise been achieved.



1. Sara Beckman - November 28, 2009

In the end, it seems important to imagine applying human-centered design approaches at multiple levels of the customer experience hierarchy. Usability analysts study the very detailed interactions between a user and an artifact, while customer experience designers include the meaning of that artifact to the customer or user. Integrating across this spectrum is key to ultimately making real and innovative differences in people’s lives.

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