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Design Thinking September 30, 2009

Posted by Pau Min Wong in Design Thinking.

There are two key ideas that stood out to me from the article:

i) Shift in mindset when adopting the human centered design thinking – Traditionally, businesses pursued innovation by enhancing a technology, or building upon their existing competencies or product line. Rarely does a new product/service introduction start with customer/user behaviour in mind. The human centered design ethos forces us to take a step back to identify the ‘real’ user need, before jumping into a solution. I found it interesting that the solutions to problems shared in the article often surprised me because they seemed to have gone off tangent, but in reality, are is solving the root cause instead of addressing the symptoms.

ii) Prototyping to solicit feedback for the product design process, as opposed to the notion of prototyping to test the final product.  Clearly, this necessitates that the prototyping process does not require huge time/money investments, resulting in quicker cycles between iterations. Although, on the flipside, I would imagine that having a more ‘complete’ prototype will enable designers to get higher quality feedback since it is closest to the final product.



1. Sara Beckman - November 28, 2009

The surprise is important to notice. One of the hardest things to do in observation in many ways is to let ourselves be surprised. We would much rather explain away anomalies than internalize them (actually shown in organizational behavior research), and so it is hard for us to take in “surprises.”
It is good to recognize the various roles of prototypes and to design them accordingly.

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