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Christine Mucker on Back of the Napkin September 30, 2009

Posted by Muckzak in Back of the Napkin.

This is a book about ’solving problems and selling ideas with pictures’. The funny thing… the book is comprised of 90% words.

I would love to be able to move away from my natural inclination of conveying ideas with numbers, tables and bullet points. Simplified pictorial representations can be so much more powerful. The problem is – I still don’t know how change from quantitative to qualitative and retain the whole story.

This book has gotten me thinking… How can I improve my ability? What should I consider when trying to create a meaningful presentation? If nothing else, the book has made me search for alternate methods of communication. One idea in the book that inspired me – ‘Push visual ideas by finding multiple ways to show the same thing’. However, it’s the HOW do I show something multiple ways that still has me stumped. Maybe I haven’t quite gotten there yet.

I must admit, I’m still not completely finished with the book. It started off in my bag and I’d read it on the bus and at school… then it landed on my nightstand for the before the lights go out reading time. Now it’s relegated to the bathroom. It’s losing ground in my reading heirarchy.

I’ll keep you posted if, during it’s reign in the loo, any more meaningful insights are revealed.


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