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Can the future be caught? September 30, 2009

Posted by Alison Zander in As The Future Catches You.

The concept of a knowledge economy was new to me.  I have come from the perspective that natural resources provide a position of strength.  This book pointed out that natural resources can actually be a disadvantage since may people will exploit these natural resources first, then accumulate capital, and lastly educate their people.  Since building knowledge is the way we will grow and accumulate wealth in the future, I would agree that natural resources can prove to be a disadvantage.

 The book was also eye opening in terms of how much progress is being made in the scientific world and how important scientific knowledge is to the future of society.  I was surprised to hear that the government has allowed entire animals to be patented and that in the future pharmaceuticals may become niche products that target specific genomes.  There has been so much progress made in such a short time period that soon we may see medicine become more preventative than treatment based, but I also find that encouraging.  I was also intrigued by the topic of Achaea and that it accounts for 1/5 of the biomass on the earth.  It will be interesting to see if in the future if there are in fact find living things on other planets.

The biggest paradigm shift I had while reading this book is that the new dominant language is genetics.  This area of science is new to me, but the benefits it can provide in treating and preventing disease are very exciting.  I will be interested to see if in another 10 years we will have exponentially more progress made in the field of genomics.



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