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You Might Need a Lot of Napkins, Though – Sehoon September 23, 2009

Posted by Sehoon Min in Back of the Napkin, [Books] Visualization & Presentation.

It needs to be noted that this book is about “visual thinking” rather than “visual communication”. The author tries to ground this term, visual thinking, by emphasizing that “looking” and “seeing”, in his own meaning, should come ahead of “imagining” and “showing”. In other words, the well-structured process of understanding and defining problems determines the quality of solving and presenting them.

For better understanding and defining problems, he proposes rather un-fancy framework of 6Ws, who/what, how, when, where, etc. However, the true essence of this book seemed to lie in how this 6W-based understanding can be effectively and efficiently translated into solving and communicating the solutions.

His framework of ” model” matched with “SQVID framework” are coherently linked with6Ws. Therefore, these connection of frameworks provide a simple, comprehensive and efficient ways of defining, solving and communicating problems with the aid of visual elements.

One concern is that although 6W-based problem definition framework look simple and easy to execute, it will require lots of experiences and good intuition to really come up with meaningful sub-questions and answers. At this level, the questions and answers may not simply be grouped as 6Ws, causing 6W lose its role as a framework.



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